Thursday, 29 March 2012

Countdown Crochet

Three things you should know:
  1. I start projects with great enthusiasm.
  2. I am rubbish at finishing them.
  3. I hope this blog will help to cure me of this affliction!
Seriously, my house is littered with unfinished works-in-progress. I am always too keen to start the next project on my list, or I suddenly realise that the baby blanket I've been planning to make is actually needed fairly soon, so I'd better put whatever I'm currently working on to one side, and move onto that instead - which is what has happened now. Ever since I saw Heather's beautiful blanket I knew I had to make one for my friends' first baby, due in May. So now we're at the end of March - hmmm, May isn't that far away! I have a plan though - 88 squares in total: 3 squares a day will do it, with a bit of time at the end to sew them all together and do a border. Having said that, I'm a bit behind already, but we'll just gloss over that! Here's where I'd got to this morning:
Seven down, eighty-one to go! Wish me luck for this one...

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