Monday, 30 April 2012

Springtime wreath

I'm on a roll! Two finished projects in one weekend! The PJs were finished on Saturday morning and on Sunday morning I finished this:

It's an Attic24 design. I'm actually slightly embarrassed at just how long it's taken me to finish this! Lucy put up her lovely tutorial in March 2010 and I started it in August that year, so... ahem, almost two years later, here it is! Once I actually put my mind to it, it really didn't take very long - this is where I was when I picked it up again on Sunday:

... so all I had to do was sew on those last three flowers and buttons and then join the back and front together around the cardboard ring. It probably took less than an hour! Oh, procrastination, what a terrible thing you are! Anyway, I'm really pleased with how bright and cheerful it looks on my kitchen door and am delighted that I finished it at last!


  1. that's really cute! it must bring some (missing) sunshine

    1. Thank you for commenting! Yes, it's very bright and cheery - good when the weather is so miserable outside!