Friday, 28 September 2012

Crochet blanket - finished!

This one was hard to give away! Luckily the recipients were really delighted with it, otherwise I may well have changed my mind and snatched it back from them!

I started it at the end of March and finished it in July. I love the bright, cheerful colours. Had time permitted, I would have put more of a border on it, but as it was, the 'deadline' (i.e. us meeting our friends' baby for the first time) was looming, and so I decided to leave it like this. I think it was enough!

All credit must go to Little Tin Bird whose pattern I used and whose colours I copied! I just liked hers so much. The yarn is Stylecraft Special dk.

I felt a bit bereft without any crochet on the go, so I have another project on the hook now, which I'll show you next time. This time it's something for me!

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