Thursday, 27 September 2012

What's on my sewing table?

It's time to stop procrastinating! To stop being fearful, to stop thinking about making things but never actually getting round to starting, and to stop buying any more fabric and patterns! A new leaf. Kerry wrote a very interesting post that got me thinking. I'm certainly not a perfectionist, but I have become, somehow, as one of her commenters described it 'A defeatist perfectionist. People who won't even try because they know their first attempts won't be perfect'. That hit a nerve! It's not at all who I am, but somehow over the summer I lost my nerve a bit. Time to start again. And have some fun! This is supposed to be for pleasure after all...

To ease myself in, I've begun with a little girl's dress. I bought the oliver + s Music Box Jumper pattern and fabric some time ago, both from The Village Haberdashery. It's going well so far. No darts or alterations to worry about, I'm just following the (really clear) instructions and it actually looks like a dress!

I hope to finish it this weekend. Unfortunately finishing involves making six buttonholes down the back. In spite of my vow to stop being fearful, I have to say I am nervous about these! They're the final step so I have visions of ruining an otherwise 'perfect' dress at the last hurdle. I know it's just a question of practising though, so that's what I'll do.

I've also started some English paper piecing. I wanted something portable and hand sewn, that I would be able to do in front of the TV. My sister-in-law gave me these fabrics for my birthday:

I've combined them with some others I had already, and am making hexagons - destined to be a cushion cover.

I'm pleased with how they're looking and am finding it quite therapeutic and satisfying.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you the finished crochet blanket!

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